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DAMAC Bay 2 by Cavalli

DAMAC Bay 2 by Cavalli is an exclusive three-tower building by DAMAC Properties, in collaboration with the internationally recognized Cavalli brand, and it is destined to become the next iconic landmark in Dubai Harbour. Buyers of real estate are offered the chance to choose from a variety of beautifully designed “luxury” units. Duplexes in the β€˜super-luxury’ category, complete with their own private swimming pools, can be found on the upper floors of the branded complex, making them an attractive option for those who seek a more affluent way of life. Moreover, full-floor units are offered for a discounted price. The breathtaking vistas in every direction make this development stand out.

A myriad of water features flow throughout the property with a wonderful adventure not far away. Aqua treatments, including hydrotherapy walkthrough showers, provide moments of balance and a sense of wellbeing, while hot tub boats ensure your worries sail away

𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭 𝐇𝐒𝐠𝐑π₯𝐒𝐠𝐑𝐭𝐬:

  • Stylish Design Seafront Apartments
  • Majestic View Of The Sea
  • Vibrant nearby location
  • Easy payment plan


It was drafted by some well-known experts from around the world who worked hard and spent a lot of time on it. This elegant development changes the way people look at life. Users will feel like they are on top of the world in the clean environment and with the many services and comforts they can use. Living in a community has its way of making life better through natural richness and luxurious plants.

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Find a way of living that is pure, untouched and untamed

In Damac Bay 2 you will feel a divine wave of fresh air mixed with the water’s smell and Dubai’s lively energy. Living here can be significant. Submerse yourself in the luxury living of a world with a controlled climate and the best greenery and services from nature. Feel a sense of stillness and find your stress melt away as you’re suspended in profound silence in our flotation therapy pods. A virtual fitting room allows shoppers to try on items without touching them. It works by overlaying an item on a live video feed of a customer via smartphones or mirrors. The shopper can see the size, style, and fit of an item before they buy it.

A New Wave Of Waterside Luxury Living

People who buy a unit in it can choose between luxury apartments with one to three bedrooms and super luxury duplexes with three to five bedrooms. The most expensive duplex homes have pools. The three towers will be linked by a podium and a bridge that Cavalli designed. Since the project will be named after Cavalli, the owners will have access to high-end features like a Cavalli Private Club and a glass water bridge with a Cavalli display. Everyone will also have direct access to the beach and the promenade.

Bay 2 By Cavalli

Luxury Living at Damac Bay 2

The Apartments at Damac Bay 2 have large living rooms, high-quality finishes, and stunning views of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf. Its residents can enjoy several world-class amenities. The project also has many shops and restaurants and easy access to the nearby marina and other popular spots in the city. People know the place for its intelligent ways of making and connecting things. Many routes and roads lead to famous landmarks and locations so you can visit top sites and well-known communities in minutes. All the things you need and all the places you want to go, like sports and amenities, services and shops, places to have fun and relax, and so on, are all close to your home. Feel what it’s like to live in an area with clean surroundings and relaxing places. It is the best chance for investors and end users to get home because it is the best way to live and has a high return on investment.

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Unique layouts and breathtaking water views

The apartments and duplexes at Damac Bay 2 by Cavalli provide unique layouts and breathtaking water views. The community’s thoughtfully planned and generously sized dwellings are the stuff of homeowners’ dreams. There is a wide range of home sizes so that occupants can find something that works for them. Damac Bay 2 has a variety of floor plans, so it’s easy to find the one that’s right for you. It features a variety of retail and hotel concepts in addition to its extensive landing facilities and great maritime lifestyles. Enjoy a colorful array of fragrant dishes at the sushi bar, where you can indulge in sensational flavors and textures, carefully crafted by skilled chefs who take pride in their creations.

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