Rixos Residences by Nakheel at Dubai Islands

Rixos Residences by Nakheel at Dubai Islands

Overview of Nakheel Rixos Apartments:

Rixos Residences by Nakheel offers large 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, 4-bedroom duplexes, lovely beach houses with 2 and 3 bedrooms, and exquisite standalone villas, Nakheel Rixos is a chic urban hub in the center of Dubai Islands. The unique and unexpected setting provides exceptional homes and apartments that are transforming the face of Dubai with their stunning waterfront settings on five islands. Waters that beckon you to come offshore and relax in the fresh air and salt spray of the ocean.

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Enjoy a chic way of life where traditional architecture and cutting-edge amenities come together to create something truly special. Each of the Rixos-branded rooms looks out over the ocean and the Five Islands. The Rixio community is conveniently positioned near the city’s major thoroughfare. The development’s luxurious apartments, unique services, and stunning panoramas of the Arabian Gulf make it an unrivaled place to call home. These residences, created in collaboration with the premium hotel chain Rixos, feature the best of both the hospitality industry and home life.


These branded residences are a tribute to sophistication and elegance in both design and architecture. The interiors are made with great care and feature a stylish fusion of modern design and classic elements. Each home has been carefully designed to make the most of available square footage, windows, and storage space.

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Down Payment:

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Project Highlights:

Luxury apartments, villas, and beach homes with one to four bedrooms, all branded under the Rixos name, are available on the much-anticipated Dubai Islands project. Stunning views of the surrounding area, including the water and the skyline, make Dubai Islands a desirable destination. Access to Dubai Islands’ gorgeous beaches and recreational promenade, Personalized concierge service, dining and entertainment options.

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Rixos Apartments Amenities:

Nakheel You and your loved ones can discover new and exciting things at Rixos Villas & Apartments in Dubai Islands, a coastal community with access to countless recreational amenities. Within the confines of the area, the Rixos Residences provide a setting for both intellectual and aesthetic stimulation.

Kitchen with engineered stone countertop and wood veneer cabinets. Master bathroom with stone feature wall and engineered stone countertop. Secondary bathroom with porcelain feature wall and engineered stone countertop.

  • Residences Concierge
  • Doormen & Valet
  • Security
  • Residents’ Lounge and other Residential facilities staff
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Personal trainer, yoga and fitness instruction
  • Shopping services, personal assistant
  • Childcare
  • Dry cleaning & laundry
  • Common Area Utilities
  • WIFI internet in the Residents Lounge and other Residential facilities
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Discover a new standard of luxury at Nakheel Rixos Apartments in Dubai Islands, a chain of five interconnected islands designed to showcase an alternative way of life. All manner of fantastic universes meet on these islands, each contributing in its way. This area features a 21-kilometer beach promenade lined with luxurious homes and breathtaking scenery.

  • 500,000 per unit
  • 5 million per floor
  • 5 million per villa

Immerse yourself in the splendor of an enriched existence, accessible by an infinity bridge and direct marine connections. The breathtaking scenery and fleeting moments are not to be missed.


Located in the north of Dubai, close to the city center, are the Nakheel Rixos Branded Residences in Dubai Islands. Given the obvious geographical advantages, the decision to work together to better serve the local community seems irrefutable. Reasons to enjoy time spent on the island include its convenient location and high-speed internet connection, which facilitates fulfilling any imagined need within a matter of minutes. This tranquil spot is also conveniently located near the main island and its many roadways.

Nakheel Rixos Apartments are located in a secluded and exclusive area of the breathtaking Dubai Islands. The property ensures that its homeowners will enjoy the pinnacle of waterfront living with stunning views of the surrounding beautiful beaches, dazzling blue waters, and historic landmarks.

    • Infinity Bridge – 6 Min
    • Cruise Terminal – 19 Min
    • Dubai International Airport – 18 Min
    • Downtown Dubai – 26 Min
    • Dubai Mall – 25 Min

Take advantage of the easy road and sea access to all the major neighborhoods, landmarks, and activities in Dubai. The luxurious and utterly unexpected allure of this island is accessible to anyone thanks to the infinity bridge that links the metropolis and the island.

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