The Floating Seahorse by Heart of Europe

Floating Seahorse by Heart of Europe

The three-story Floating Seahorse homes are a masterpiece of classic architecture and quality craftsmanship. The 131 Floating Seahorse villas will not only be the first of its kind in the world, but they will also have climate-controlled outdoor spaces, cutting-edge amenities, and one-of-a-kind features. Floating piers link the Floating Seahorse to the islands.

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Floating Seahorse by Heart of Europe

The Floating Seahorse is a five-star hotel and resort in Dubai Maritime City.  Enjoy a European-style vacation with access to a fantastical island getaway. The six islands that make up The Heart of Europe are all named after famous tourist spots in Europe and feature architectural details and aesthetic touches that are authentic to those areas.


The Floating Seahorse Villas by the Heart of Europe were built using state-of-the-art techniques, embodying the most forward-thinking architectural hallmarks and allowing residents to take in the sea’s enticing sights from not one but three vantage points. The Floating Villas on The World Islands give a one-of-a-kind lifestyle and numerous attractive investment prospects for those looking for what amounts to the closest realized concept to a residence-yacht hybrid.

The idea of living in houses built on the sea may sound like something out of science fiction, but the ultramodern metropolis of Dubai never stops surprising the world with its many wonders, and thanks to the outstanding efforts, one of the leading European real estate developers in the United Arab Emirates, sea houses are now a reality and have been developed impeccably.

Floating Seahorse by Heart of Europe

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These homes are located in Dubai, in a community called The World Islands. These floating villas were constructed on land before being lifted into the water by cranes. They were designed by the building firm Heart of Europe. The buildings were secured to the seafloor upon placement to ensure they would not move.

Each of these homes has three floors—an undersea level, a sea level, and a deck level—that are all completely furnished and provide a different view of the ocean and its surroundings.  The floors are connected by a lovely wooden and glass staircase.

The undersea level is composed of marine-grade concrete for durability and efficiency, while the top levels are made of lightweight aluminum and finished to resemble a yacht.

The Floating Seahorse Villas are available in either a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom Signature Edition. Each villa edition features a unique interior design on each floor. The Floating Seahorse Villas are described below, from top to bottom, in broad strokes.

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Features of Seahorse Villas:

The villas’ main living quarters, which are located on the ground floor, include a kitchen with modern appliances, a dining space, and an open-plan living room. Lightweight aluminum walls with clusters of small round windows enclose this floor, yet the floor-to-ceiling glass facade provides stunning views of the water, the Dubai cityscape, and the nearby islands. The home also has a modest terrace that faces the backyard and is outfitted with outdoor seats.

Each villa also has a private sun deck on the water’s surface, complete with a swimming pool, lounge chairs, and other amenities for enjoying the sea’s calming, revitalizing atmosphere.

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Floor Plan

If you stay on the penthouse level of the Floating Seahorse Villas, you could think you’re living on a luxurious yacht. A magnificent terrace with a small bar, mini kitchen, and a hot tub with a glass bottom awaits you on the upper floor, reached through a curved wooden and glass staircase.

A party or get-together at your beach house would be great for the upper deck. Enjoy the most spectacular panoramic views of the horizon as you stock up on supplies from the mini bar and kitchenette.

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