The Latest Branded Luxury Villas in Damac Hills

The Latest Branded Luxury Villas In Damac Hills

Gemz Villas are the newest name in exclusive extravagance in Damac Hills. A masterpiece for the most abundant of homes was conceived in the minds of two legends: Cavalli, for his signature flair, and De Grisogono, for his groundbreaking vision. These Villas are some of the wealthiest homes in Dubai’s exclusive living. This venture follows the hugely successful Cavalli Estates Villas contains a select group of chic villas with 5BR to 7BR built in a limited run.

Live in the new return of luxury

These detached mansions are luxury, with exquisite design and fittings throughout. The black marble exterior with gilded accents, typical of De Grisogono’s work, exudes luxury and power. The interior is full of unique flair for passionate, alluring Haute Couture living. The exquisite architecture of de GRISOGONO’s residences is reminiscent of a black diamond’s regal beauty and strength. Gemz Estates Villas has modern wooden inflections, gorgeous animal designs, and smooth, curved textures.


It is home to many entertainment options like restaurants, living centers, stables, and sports services. It includes a reputable school and a full-service childcare center, making it an ideal location for raising a family.

A gateway of luxury life

It’s an innovation that’s fascinatingly based on an image, and it’s here to add some much-needed vibrancy to your primary way of living in the present day. A free and untamed spirit resides behind its glass, catching your attention and never letting go. A sudden peace where anybody you interact with will sense a surge of adrenaline. Everything you could ever wish for is included in the life of limitless thrills.

Modern designs and beautiful interiors

Damac Hills, now one of Dubai’s most promising and widespread communities, will have its crown jewel. They are letting you take advantage of life’s gratifying outcomes and resources to their fullest. This land of potential and achievements invites you to immerse yourself in its natural beauty, evident in the site’s architecture and decor; having the most user-friendly and widely-accessible website offers unrivalled possibilities.

Parallel Connectivity:

Gemz Estates Villas are located in the verdant DAMAC Hills neighbourhood, and because of their proximity to the Emirate Road, they offer convenient access to many of Dubai’s top attractions. Locations like Business Bay, Dubai Marina, and Dubai International Airport are all within a twenty to forty-minute drive. Many bus stops, including DAMAC Hills Golf Promenade 5A and DAMAC Hills Carrefour, will be within walking distance of Villas.

Experience the combination of imagination and contemporary class

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It’s an exciting new development, like a painting that appears to cover your contemporary life with a rainbow of hues and enrich your otherwise unremarkable everyday existence. Energy that is so wild and free that it traps you inside its glass walls and never lets you go. It has an unanticipated calm where all those who cross paths will feel the buzz of excitement. This eternal paradise has everything your heart could desire.

Redefine the luxury

It will be the shining crown of Damac Hills, one of Dubai’s most promising and sought-after neighborhoods. It allowing you to experience life to its fullest with the expectation that everything that happens will be enjoyable.

A place where dreams can come true, where you can lose yourself in the architecture and decor and let the site’s natural beauty wash over you. Being the most comparable and easily accessible location, it provides unparalleled options.

The shining outside of the villas provides instant access to the mastery of presenting the most fashionable designs and lucrative goods. The largest and most magnificent yet daring mansions flaunt their wealth by drawing ideas from black diamonds and their historical context. The black facades with gold accents provide occupants with an intriguing and delicate look into a world we haven’t given much thought to.

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