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10 Best Real Estate Brokerage Companies

In the first quarter of 2020, there were 10,243 real estate transactions in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the UAE’s GDP grew by 2.2 percent, making individuals more motivated to engage in the property industry. Real estate agents’ business in the United Arab Emirates is increasing as a result of a growing property market. Top dubai real estate brokers in the United Arab Emirates for 2020 have been identified.

1- Fajar Realty - Real Estate Brokers 

FAJAR Realty’s primary focus is to provide real estate services and investment advice and management to choose the best Properties in Dubai. Kiran Khawja serves as the  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of best real estate companies in Dubai. More than merely real estate, Fajar Realty a Topmost Brokers in Dubai focuses on matching you with your perfect match – a place where you belong, where you can find love, and where your soul can be soothed. First and foremost, its goal is to satisfy and surpass the expectations of its clients while making a profit for its partners.

2- Footprint – Real Estate Brokers

In the United Arab Emirates, Footprint Real Estate is a significant property broker in Dubai. The company has staff in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah who is well-versed in their respective fields. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, Footprint Real State has a foothold in several international markets. As a result, they have a long-term goal of establishing themselves as a worldwide leader in real estate services excellence.

Footprint is one of the top Real Estate companies in Dubai acknowledged for its ability to address the most dynamic and demanding property requirements of people, businesses, and investors. Because of this, they have built a reputation for providing customized solutions that reduce risk and enhance value for each customer. With their customers’ needs at the forefront of everything they do, they’re continuously looking for new and better methods to stay on top in a fiercely competitive industry.

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It is run by top real estate companies in Dubai that have exhibited exceptional business management skills through years of senior positions in management consulting companies with extensive exposure to the UAE’s real estate market.. Footprint Real Estate places the utmost attention on the management of your property objectives.

3- Espace – Real Estate Brokers

For more than a year now, Espace has been a real estate broker servicing clients. Moreover, Espace has been named Dubai’s Best Brokerage in 2015. They have 52 agents to go along with their 70-person crew. In Dubai, they are one of the best real estate agents in the United Kingdom. A total of 13.1 years have passed between them.

4- Azco – Real Estate Brokers

Customers of Azco Real Estate can expect the best in real estate services. Aside from that, they’ve worked in the industry for over 13.3 years. Integrity is handled by 33 Azco employees who are professionals in the field. In addition, they give a one-stop-shop for all things related to real estate in Dubai.

5- Peace Homes – Real Estate Brokers

Commercial and residential properties may be leased or purchased via Peace Homes’ full range of real estate services. They have been accredited by the Dubai Land Department as the best real estate agents in the city. In addition, they had been employed for 6.3 years.

Real Estate Companies Dubai

6- Harbor – Real Estate Brokers

The customers of Harbor Real Estate in the United Arab Emirates get comprehensive real estate services and practical property solutions. It’s also worth noting that The Harborians have more than 12.3 years of real estate expertise and 22 professional real estate agents. ISO 9001:2005 certified, they have been serving their customers for over a decade.

7- FAM – Real Estate Brokers

FAM Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm that serves all of Dubai. Additionally, their 69 real estate agents have been in the business for more than 12.6 years. They can also communicate with their clients in a variety of languages.

8- Square Yards – Real Estate Brokers

Real estate service providers and property experts from across the world are part of Square Yards Real Estate. Developers from 12 nations are represented in their portfolio. In their 6.8 years of investing in real estate, their holdings had grown to almost $800 million.

9- Allsopp & Allsopp – Real Estate Brokers

Founded by a British family, it is one of Dubai’s leading real estate firms. They’ve been in business for 12.6 years and have 81 well-trained agents on staff. They are obligated to handle all of their clients’ property demands in the United Arab Emirates.

10- Better livings – Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers, dealers and investors may use Better Livings’ web-based real estate solutions in Dubai since it was founded in 2006. They provide a wide range of services, including property sales, purchases, and rentals.

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