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Elite Homes Bahria Town

Elite Homes is the new name for a higher standard of living. This is because Bahria Town, one of the biggest names in real estate, joined forces to make this project. Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore are 5 Marla Homes that can be bought in 3 year payments. These 5 Marla Homes are affordable, but they are also very nice. Pakistanis living abroad will get the same services and features in these homes as they do in their own. This idea is also used to build Elite Homes. Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore are in a great spot in Alamgir Extension in Sector F, which is easy to get to from both Canal Road and Ring Road Lahore.

Payment Plan:

Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore are two-story homes with three bedrooms and bathrooms that are connected to each bedroom. The floor plan for two floors is shown below.

On the ground floor, there is one bedroom with a bathroom connected, a TV lounge, a drawing room, a well-equipped kitchen, a garage and a small plot of grass. On the first floor, there are two bedrooms with bathrooms connected to them, a TV lounge, a terrace, and a well-stocked kitchen.

Elite Homes are built so that one house can be lived in or rented out, and it is easy to turn one house into two separate units. In Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore, you can choose between Standard and Luxury. The difference between these two choices is in the exterior, design, interior, and finishing, among other things.

  • 10% Extra For Location
  • 36 Months Payment Plan
  • 5 Marla Monthly Installment 125,000
Elite Homes Bahria Town


A lot of people already live in Bahria Town Lahore, and the same is likely to be true for Elite Homes. Elite Homes gives them all kinds of perks and luxuries to make their lives and way of life more comfortable. Residents don’t have to leave the city to meet their wants because they have access to world-class services. Some of the nice things Elite Homes has to offer are

  • Gated Community with a Theme
  • Security and CCTV monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Basic services available around the clock
  • Power backup around the clock
  • Lots of roads with beautiful scenery
  • Three-bedroom homes that are ready to move into

Investing in Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore is a very good idea, whether you want to live there or not. This society is a great investment opportunity for families who want to invest in something that won’t break the bank. Because of this, all of the basic and public services that are important for families’ daily lives are already here.

Investing here is safe and secure because these homes and plots in Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore have already been well received thanks to the good name of the developers. Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis because investors want them so much. Investors should buy them as soon as possible.

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After buying in Elite Homes Bahria Town Lahore, the best thing to do is rent them out. People think of rental income as the easiest and most stable source of regular income. Investors can also put their money here and make a lot of money without doing anything.

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