MS.Kiran Khawaja Exclusive Interview To Downtown Dubai Radio

Miss Kiran Khawaja Exclusive Interview To Downtown Dubai Radio

Downtown Dubai Radio Conducted An Exclusive Interview With Miss Kiran Khawaja, CEO Of Fajar Realty, Where Miss Kiran Shared Her 17 Years of Working Experience and Insight Thoughts About Massive Developments In the UAE Real Estate Market.

Miss Kiran said, Dubai has grown only not my experience, but in 17 years, the whole of Dubai has changed. MashaAllah, with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, I have seen another kind of world. Excellent work everywhere. Now, people don’t see Dubai as an investment! People see this as home because of its security. People want their kids to grow up in such a country; many amazing international schools and colleges are here.

During her interview Miss Kiran shared several key insights regarding the state of the real estate market in the region. Miss Kiran highlighted the resilience of the UAE’s real estate market, even in the face of global economic challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. She said it’s incredible how UAE has significantly emerged from this pandemic where there’s complete lockdown worldwide, but Dubai was still open with its strong health precautions. They emphasized that the market remained attractive to both investors and homebuyers. Miss Kiran specifically talked about Downtown Dubai as a focal point of the market. They highlighted the iconic landmarks, world-class infrastructure, and luxury properties that make this area a magnet for both local and international buyers.

The interview touched on the importance of sustainability and innovation in the real estate sector. The CEO mentioned that the UAE was increasingly focusing on green building practices and smart technology integration to meet modern demands and environmental goals. Miss Kiran acknowledged the government’s role in supporting the real estate market. They mentioned various initiatives and policies aimed at enhancing the sector’s stability and growth, including changes in visa regulations, property ownership rights, and incentives for foreign investors.

She said her 17 years of experience, which I have done, has helped her to promote Fajar as a brand. Fajar is a very acknowledged company, earning 27 awards and 17 international acknowledgements. We are not just a real estate brokerage company; we design our portfolios for people to give them solutions for investments, explanations for how they can earn money, and how we can make money. The people with whom I have been working for 17 years are still they are my investors. They have given me thousands of references. I strongly believe in quality & customer care because in taking care of customers we have people who take care of customer service and provide rental and 24/7 availability for our clients’ queries.

Our success may be directly attributed to our passion to doing things well and providing value to our consumers. We consider ourselves as contributors to the success narrative that is the United Arab Emirates, and we can’t wait to seize the future’s possibilities.

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