Kiran Khawaja Journey | CEO - Fajar Realty

Kiran Khawaja Journey

Kiran Khawaja, the CEO of Fajar Realty, is one of the Best Real Estate Frontrunners in the UAE. Kiran has been a successful Real Estate Agent since she started her career in 2007. In her previous jobs, she had a lot of success. One of the most prestigious developers, Damac Properties and Azizi Developments, named her agencies the top brokers and agencies for 2018-2020.

In a male-dominating industry, she proved that if you’re determined, you can do whatever you want. With her energy, work ethic, and personality, she keeps finding ways to push the UAE Real Estate Market to the next level. She officially started her own company in 2021 named Fajar Realty. She began winning awards as a top broker top performer and for bringing the company to the Damac chairman’s club (higher sales category) from Q1-2021 to Q4-2022. Kiran ensures that the company stays at the top of the UAE real estate market regarding development and new ideas.


Kiran Khawaja

Fajar Realty Founder & CEO

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Kiran is positive, agile, goal-oriented, mission-driven, and highly committed, and she goes above and beyond in everything she does. Her unparalleled understanding of the real estate market optimizes her business processes and performance. Her most enormous success came from her willpower and focus in life. With her eyes set on her objective, she constantly worked to win over every buyer and make networks that earned her name in the world of UAE Real Estate. This makes her a good leader in UAE real estate market. She makes people want to do things with a lot of courage. Her success in life has come from being proactive and working hard. Doing what is right is a statement about a personal goal in life, with honour.


Kiran Nadeem Khawaja has constantly been a good mentor and role model for others. Despite all her success, Kiran is humble and brave, taking it all at her pace. She helps people, organizations, and her company grows by encouraging them to be more creative, focused, and resourceful in building their careers. She is a good role model and a source of inspiration for others, which is very important. Her personality is bubbly, powerful, and convincing in a way that others will respect and want to follow.

Kiran played a pivotal role in empowering and supporting people by building trust, encouraging, communicating clearly, and delegating to help people grow. You’ll see her in the front row for supporting non-profit organizations/adopting schools for kids so they can learn and raise a simple way to share her good fortune and give back to the community that matters to her. This is her personal goal to help more people in need.

Kiran’s rise to the top of UAE Real Estate should not be surprising. Kiran was intended to be one of the leaders of the UAE Real Estate Company from a young age, and she is now seen as one of the best female role models in Dubai. Her peers can’t ignore her leadership and forward-thinking decisions, which will make her, stand out more in the near future.

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Kiran Khawaja has been awarded numerous awards like 16 Year+ for Real Estate Experience, 254+ 5 Stars Reviews, 20K+ Investment advice, and 5+ Damac Broker Awards. She has won the Leader Of Impact Award and the Brand Of Impact Award for Fajar Realty. This is the most honorable Award in the Middle East, North Africa & Asia. This Award is given to those who gave their best in their field and worked very hard. The Award aims to obtain an impartial, independent, and large-scale evaluation of the participants.

She is a prominent figure in the Dubai real estate industry, and she uses her platform to encourage other women and moms by detailing her life story. There is now a variety and inclusion department at Fajar Realty, led by a woman who works relentlessly to address these issues and preserve a healthy equilibrium because of her advocacy.

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