Nominated for World CEO Awards 2023

Kiran Nadeem Khawaja is Nominated for World CEO Awards 2023

Award Name:World CEO Awards
Category:Best Customer friendly CEO - Real Estate
Competition Level:Gold Level,Diamond Level

The CEO of Fajar Realty Real Estate LLC, one of the leading companies in its industry, has received a prestigious nomination for the renowned World CEO Awards. This recognition highlights the exceptional leadership and remarkable achievements of the CEO in driving the success and growth of Fajar Realty Real Estate LLC. The nomination serves as a testament to the CEO's unparalleled dedication, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence. It is a well-deserved acknowledgment of the CEO's outstanding contributions to the business world, and an exciting milestone for both Fajar Realty Real Estate LLC and its esteemed leader. This prestigious awards is organized and managed by Golden Tree Awards, Dubai, UAE - an ISO Certified Award Management Company.

World CEO Award – Best Customer-friendly CEO in Real Estate

Fajar Realty’s CEO, Miss Kiran Khawaja, is a model of customer service in the real estate market. Her relentless commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in her hands-on approach to resolving client requirements, promoting open communication, and continually going above and beyond to ensure customers’ real estate aspirations are achieved. Miss Khawaja has lifted the bar for the whole real estate industry with her outstanding leadership abilities, inventive attitude, and genuine care for her customers’ needs. Miss Kiran Khawaja’s leadership is innovative and customer-centric and she is continuing to redefining the future of the real estate industry.

Best Customer friendly CEO

Nominated as Best Customer friendly CEO - Real Estate in World CEO Awards 2023

Miss Kiran Khawaja deserves the highest praise for being nominated as the World CEO Award – Best Customer-friendly CEO in Real Estate. Her nomination is a recognition of her superior work and a model of how leadership may best focus on the needs of customers. Kiran Khawaja deserves this honor because she goes above and beyond for her clients and has a futuristic outlook on the real estate industry. By casting your vote for Miss Kiran Khawaja means investing in a real estate industry that puts her clients first.

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