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SAFA Two by Damac

Swiss jewelers De Grisogono of Switzerland built Safa Two by Damac Properties, a highly sought-after luxury residential development. In addition, this ultra-luxury branded property is inspired by the brightness of ruby, creating an aura of grandeur that has never been seen before. Safa Two is an outstanding example of skyscrapers bringing people closer to nature while providing a luxurious living environment.

Located in Dubai’s Safa Park, Damac Properties’ new project Safa Two offers studios, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. The Burj, Palm, and Atlantis can be seen from the top of the twin high-rise building. The developer has launched a new project after the success of its prior one.

SAFA Two By DAMAC Features

Located in Dubai’s Safa Park, homeowners can easily access the park’s amenities, including the wide green landscapes. In addition to the Sheikh Zayed Road, the property is only a short distance from the Jumeirah Beach, City Walk, Box Park, the DIFC, and many other popular destinations. Residents are ushered into a new era of luxury in a new building. The splendor of nature and the grace of your own house are intertwined in these opulent towers, where you may live in the green glow of shade-casting trees.

When you enter the complex, you’ll see a luxurious tower whose façade is adorned with emeralds, diamonds, and other precious stones. Before entering the complex, stroll along with the platform of exotic plants and flowers.

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SAFA Two By DAMAC Amenities

  • A hanging garden connects the two structures.
  • An appealing and adaptable selection of payment plans
  • Two magnificent skyscrapers.
  • Sheikh Zayed Road is a prime location.
  • Design by the Swiss De Grisogono brand.
  • Levels of luxury and ultra-luxurious living are also available.
  • More in touch with the natural world.
  • World class amenities.

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SAFA Two Connectivity:

The Sheikh Zayed Road, which connects Dubai to the rest of the emirate, is only a short drive from the DAMAC Safa Two de GRISOGONO apartments. DAMAC Safa Two de GRISOGONO provides easy access to Downtown Dubai and Commercial Bay, the emirate’s primary business sector. About ten minutes will be needed to go to these areas.

Everyone in the neighborhood will have easy access to the enormous Safa Park, where they may relax and take a stroll through the lush surroundings. Medcare Hospital, Union Coop – Jumeirah Supermarket, various restaurants, and more are all within a short distance of the residential complex.


It is easy to see why the modern houses in DAMAC Safa Two de GRISOGONO are popular among young professionals and families with children. The complex’s residential towers include external features such as hanging gardens and flowing waterfalls, giving residents a unique living experience.

It is possible to get an investor visa by acquiring property in DAMAC Safa Two’s residential tower, which includes the ability to sponsor a spouse, children, and parents. Living and working in the UAE, getting a UAE driving license, and establishing a bank account are just some of the perks that come with this sort of visa.

DAMAC Safa Two offers a tropical paradise at the top of luxury with stunning vistas that stretch as far as the eye can reach. For more information reach out us at:

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