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The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Damac Properties’ highly anticipated and sold-out property. Elegant and exciting, these ultra-luxury branded residences developed exclusively by De Grisogono in Switzerland have been inspired by the ruby’s crimson splendour. In the city’s famed golden mile, Safa Two, with its cut-diamond design, is sure to become a hallmark for grandeur.

Luxurious apartments range from studios to one- to three-bedroom units, with moveable walls that allow occupants to customize their living spaces to suit their needs and preferences. In addition to the Ruby Heart, the facilities of Safa Two are unparalleled. Swim in an infinity pool with 360-degree views of the city below or stroll down Sheikh Zayed Road through a fog forest high above it all.

In Al Safa Park, Damac’s Safa Two buildings are Art closer to nature than any other masterpiece, a visual balance of nature and luxury and the lifeblood of dreams. Living and working in harmony with the natural world is the goal of the Live Work Play Hub idea.

Dubai’s immaculate Safa Park is only a short walk away, providing homeowners easy access to every amenity. Access to the Sheikh Zayed Road is just a few minutes away, as are many other popular attractions in the area, such as Jumeirah Beach, City Walk, Box Park and DIFC. Residents may look forward to living in a new kind of luxury community. Trees reflect their brilliant green hues over the sky in these opulent towers, where you may live amid nature’s splendor.

As a result of the number of emeralds and diamonds, this development offers access to a high-end luxury tower surrounded by immaculate beauty. Upon arriving at the podium, stroll through the lovely gardens that climb the skyscraper.


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About project

Safa Two is an 83-storey skyscraper marketed by de GRISOGONO, the legendary Swiss luxury jewellery and watch company, and is inspired by the beautiful ruby gemstone. Safa One is just across the street from this new construction. The Sheikh Zayed Road, the emirate’s main thoroughfare, will be seen from the electric cabins that link the towers.

Adaptable units

Studio and 1- to 3-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 350 1400sq.ft. will be available to future residents, all of which may be customized to meet their needs. Due to the wall bed, a bedroom can be changed into an incredible office, while a mirror partition will enable you to shut the kitchen and increase the living space. Your flat will also be great for parties owing to sliding bars.


It’s the perfect location to unwind after a long day on the town. At the top of the building, a fog forest with trails and eating choices will be installed. You won’t have to leave the building to enjoy the outdoors. A walkway deck will encircle Safa Two’s summit. Locals can take in the city’s sights from every angle.

An endless pool that floats

It’s the perfect location to unwind after a long day on the town. At the top of the building, a fog forest with trails and eating choices will be installed. You won’t have to leave the building to enjoy the outdoors. A walkway deck will encircle Safa Two’s summit. Locals can take in the city’s sights from every angle.


It is now 20 years to being a builder in the real estate Dubai sector, where they have injected vast years of expertise, and every time, they have left no stone unturned to deliver the world’s greatest development which bears the actual meaning of luxury and class.

Commercial and residential builders have unlocked the potential of the contemporary era by building projects that cater to current-day demands, and they’ve done so with numerous accolades to their credit. In terms of the trust, they’ve won more than 100 awards, built more than 39,400 houses, and have more than 28,000 projects in the works, so you can rest certain that the builder you’re working with has a solid footing in the market.

Not only in the UAE, but the corporation outspread its presence in Saudi Arabia, the UK, Canada, Jordan, Maldives, Lebanon and more.

Newest Innovation Benchmark Ready

DAMAC Safa Two distinctive development inspired by the De GRISOGONO hallmark rubies and the colour of change. Its distinctive towers exhibit enticing scarlet tones from the lobby entrance to the interior details and furnishings.

This will undoubtedly be the most conspicuous landmark on the city’s “golden mile,” whose innovative design displays a diamond cut style to heighten its visibility from a distance of many miles.

One of DAMAC’s newest projects, Safa Two, is just across the street from Safa One, forming a beautiful archway that connects downtown Dubai with the city’s newest neighbourhoods. This building’s innovative and visually stunning architecture allows visitors to take in the city’s many landmarks, including the Burj Al Arab, the Canal, and The World Islands.

Nothing could compare to this development’s artificial beach pool at podium level, which transports you to Navagio or La Concha’s dunes. The builder has made significant efforts to make this home stand out. A place where you can’t help but be immersed in nature thanks to a swath of palm palms and the right ambience.

How Is It A Future Home?

It is beyond your vision where the builder DAMAC has conceived the house of the future; here, the luxury apartment provides access to the movable walls to offer you more flexibility, and you can make implementations and modify the layout to gain core access to the given area.

DAMAC Safa Two will benefit greatly from the ability to alter the walls this way since this feature is not currently accessible in any of the company’s previous projects.

Its fog forest, on the other hand, is a brand-new idea that allows families to be near nature while enjoying its finest connoisseurs. And before entering inside, you will receive the greater sensation of flora & fauna to add to the rush of freshness all around that uplifts your mood and the scent.

So this is what everything is necessary to become a “Future Home” where the home buyers get the freedom to be a part of the future home where innovations & thoughts genuinely ease your living.

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