Akoya Oxygen in Dubai – DH 2 | Fajar Realty – Fajar Realty
 Akoya Oxygen in Dubai – DH 2 | Fajar Realty

Akoya Oxygen in Dubai – DH 2 | Fajar Realty

Akoya Oxygen is located outside of the commotion of the city. As a result of its thoughtful development, low prices, and established infrastructure, the region is popular with prospective homeowners. The project is being overseen by Damac Properties, a well-known developer in the United Arab Emirates. Land parcels and houses may be purchased in this area. One of the few chiller-free properties in Dubai is on the market for a reasonable price. Open-plan kitchen and dining room space with sliding door to the rear yard greets you as you approach the property.

Akoya Oxygen in Dubai

Real estate in Dubai includes everything from modest studio flats to ultra-modern eco-friendly homes. Expansion of ex-pats in the emirate has led to developers constructing off-plan buildings that appeal to those who want a peaceful living away from the city’s bustle and noise. Damac Hills 2 (Akoya Oxygen) is one such project in Dubai land, which offers a peaceful and eco-friendly way of life for its residents. DAMAC Hills 2 has the distinction of being Dubai’s first green residential neighbourhood, a testament to the developers’ attention to detail and commitment to environmental stewardship. There are solar-powered water heating systems and ecologically friendly lighting in the Akoya O2 residences, composed of energy-efficient materials.

The Architecture of Akoya Oxygen

Aesthetically, the buildings owned by Akoya Oxygen are both elegant and cutting-edge in design. Because Akoya Oxygen is dedicated to the idea of a green community, the majority of its structures will feature ecologically friendly interiors. Many restaurants’ windows will be constructed using unique wood to meet Energy Star requirements. The location, nestled inside an 18-hole golf course, has a certain charm.

The Target Audience of Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen is a beautiful place to raise a family. All necessities for pleasant family life are on their way here, and the mood is of safety and harmony. The peace of the suburbs may be found here for those who are sick of the city’s hustle and bustle. For people concerned about the environment, the area’s environmentally-friendly concept is ideal.

Daily Life of Akoya Oxygen

Carrefour and Spinney’s are the two closest supermarkets where you may get a large variety of fresh, high-quality items. Akoya Oxygen in Dubai is currently building schools and kindergartens. Nearby regions provide a wide range of educational options. Jebel Ali School is an example of a nearby school with a good education degree. Additionally, parents can send their children to schools that follow the English or American educational systems that are located nearby. Aster, the closest clinic, is 16 minutes away by car.

Transport Accessibility

Currently, there are limited public transportation alternatives in the region, and the closest bus and metro stations may be found in the adjacent neighbourhoods. It’s also convenient to have a vehicle or hire a cab service because of the Emirate’s central position. The Akoya Oxygen in Dubai parking lot provides a wide variety of spots for different sorts of vehicles, as well as open places for the public.

Attractions Around the Area in Akoya Oxygen

The 18-hole Trump International Golf Club Dubai is one of Akoya Oxygen’s key draws. It’s a terrific luxury leisure destination with superb restaurants, hotels, and professional shopping to go along with the golf. You may also learn about the history and culture of the United Arab Emirates in Al Marmoom Heritage Village. For a relaxing family vacation, go to Lake Al Qudra, which is close and has an artificial lake and stunning sceneries.

Types of Real Estate in Akoya oxygen

You may buy a villa; townhouse, penthouse, or apartment in Akoya Oxygen in Dubai, or you can buy the land and design your own home there. Luxury townhouses and villas with lawns may be seen in this area. You may also purchase a large apartment with bedrooms, a practical layout, and a partly furnished kitchen. As a successful investment opportunity, this is a terrific spot to stay.

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