Cristiano Ronaldo Enters ‘Billionaires Island’ in Dubai and Buys Lavish Mansion – Fajar Realty
 Cristiano Ronaldo Enters ‘Billionaires Island’ in Dubai and Buys Lavish Mansion

Cristiano Ronaldo Enters ‘Billionaires Island’ in Dubai and Buys Lavish Mansion


January 06, 2024

It seems being the owner of several lavish and expensive properties across Europe isn’t enough for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Al Nassr forward has only gone ahead and purchased a palatial mansion in Dubai’s Jumeirah Bay, also known as ‘Billionaires Island.’ This newest investment comes as another addition to his growing list of extravagant homes in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and the United States.

This comes as the Portuguese superstar’s first major investment in 2024. And, CR7 choosing Dubai as a destination for his new abode is not surprising, considering his frequent visits to the United Arab Emirates.

Six bedrooms, seven car showroom, and more- Ronaldo’s new home

According to Bloomberg, Cristiano Ronaldo, known in sports circles for his spending habits bought a 30,000-square-foot mansion on the ‘Billionaires Island’ for an estimated price of at least $21 million. Ronaldo’s new home consists of six bedrooms, a parking lot that can house seven cars, and a rooftop swimming pool. In addition to this, the property provides a view of downtown Dubai accommodation for employees. The Bloomberg report also mentions that the gated community at Jumeirah will give CR7 access to fine-dining restaurants, a beach resort facing the ocean, and a yacht club.

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Property prices on the man-made island have skyrocketed since the pandemic. Last April, a 24,500 square foot sand plot was sold for a record £27 million, surpassing the previous biggest sale of £19.5million. With this purchase, Ronaldo has added to his lavish purchases across the world, including the most expensive mansion in Lisbon, Portugal.

2023’s top goal scorer splurged $11 million for a house in the Cascais region of Quinta da Marinha, one of the most expensive residential areas in Portugal. Apart from that he owns a home in La Finca in Madrid, where he used to play for Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid. The price for this property is reported to be $6.2 million. Apart from this he also owns a $9.7 million mansion in Madeira, Portugal, where he was born, a $1.8 million, villa in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, Spain, an $18.5 million apartment in Trump Tower, New York City, and Gran Madre de Dio villa in Turin, Italy, which was his abode during his time with Italian soccer club Juventus.

Dubai has always been a vacation destination for Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, he can easily call the place a second home. Since real estate prices in the Jumeirah Bay area continue to surge and are attracting celebrities like Ronaldo, this indeed was a great buy for the Portuguese man. Anyhow, CR7 is not the only sporting icon to have splashed big on Dubai real estate.

Other sporting icons who invested in Dubai-based properties

Before Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer legend David Beckham bought a residence in Jumeirah Bay. Beckham and Victoria had then bought a seven-bedroom luxury abode in the area. They reportedly moved to a flat in the Burj Khalifa. Former Real Madrid icon Michel Selgado also reportedly owns a property in Dubai.

Apart from soccer stalwarts, the city has also attracted the likes of tennis veteran Roger Federer. Federer owns a six-bedroom luxury apartment in Le Reve in Dubai’s Marina area. Better late than never, Cristiano Ronaldo too has now joined the club of sporting elites with such an exorbitant purchase. The 38-year-old will now have a tough deciding which mansion to spend his splendid vacations.

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