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DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties

When it comes to the networks in which it operates, the principal activities is unique in that it includes two ace-arranged fairways. DAMAC Properties has delivered a total of c. 36,400 high-quality houses, with an additional c. 29,000 in the pipeline.

For almost a decade, the United Arab Emirates has been on a path to becoming a global commerce, hotel, and leisure hub. As a result of years of uncompromising excellence, DAMAC Properties now enjoys a position of confidence. Everyone of should must buy a house in Damac Hills to live a dream life with best facilities.

We’ve always adhered to our motto of sound design and attention to the little things that make a house unique.

CEO of DAMAC Properties

Hussain sajwani, a CEO of DAMAC said, Dubai’s authorities allowed freehold ownership of the real estate in 2002, opening the market to overseas investors. For its first project in Dubai Marina, DAMAC Properties was formed in the same year and bought the land. As a result, the name DAMAC has come to be associated with landmark projects that have raised the bar on design, artistry, and the quality of life for people throughout the world. On behalf of DAMAC, I’d want to thank the UAE’s visionary rulers for their support. The UAE is today because of its forward-looking outlook and efforts.

 I am pleased that the DAMAC brand, born in the United Arab Emirates and is now recognised around the globe from Saudi Arabia to London, has achieved such international acclaim. We are very grateful for all that our nation and its people have done for us throughout the years. Thus, we are expected to give back via our corporate social responsibility and philanthropic culture. When we interact with our communities in ways that alleviate suffering, respond to urgent needs, and give skills and learning for a sustainable future, we are making a positive impact on people’s lives.

As a result, I will want to take this opportunity to thank our whole team as well as our business partners and stockholders. Thank you for believing in our capacity to build vibrant communities and supporting our efforts to offer extraordinary lifestyle experiences. Without your dedication, we couldn’t have achieved what we have.

Last but not least, I want to thank our customers, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what we have. Said, you motivate us to strive for greater heights.

Awards at Damac Properties

For as long as DAMAC Properties has been, it has been recognised and lauded for its real estate development industry contributions. With more than 100 accolades and commendations to its name, DAMAC is just going to get stronger.

Buying to Live

Find out everything you can about the various neighbourhoods you’re considering, then determine which one best suits your requirements.

In the end, do you want a house or an apartment? No, I don’t want to be near the office. If you have young children, is there a local school they can attend? How well-equipped are the community’s facilities? So on and so on.

Finally, how much money do you have to work with? Will you be able to stay in this house for the foreseeable future, or will you have to find a new place within the next year or two? If it is, what is the resale market like in the immediate area?

Buying to Rent Out

Rents in Dubai are among the highest in the world. Therefore, the appropriate property will always be in demand. Remember to conduct your homework on the most sought-after areas and the greatest types of rental units to ensure a successful investment.

If your renter decides to go, you’ll need to think about what you’ll do without their money. Do you owe money on a mortgage? If you had to sell, how much can you get for your unit in the worst-case scenario, and can you pay your costs yet profit?

So How do I Buy From a Developer?

Ten per cent of the purchase price is often required to reserve the property from an established developer like DAMAC Properties. The only other thing you’ll need is your passport. Damacproperties.com allows you to book online, and a customer service specialist will walk you through the rest. Sales and Purchase Agreements can then be written up and signed when the developer issues a No-Objection Certificate (NOC). A title deed can be issued and transferred to the Dubai Land Department.

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