Digitization: Revolutionizing the Operations of the Dubai Real-Estate Sector | Fajar Realty
 Digitization: Revolutionizing the Operations of the Dubai Real-Estate Sector

Digitization: Revolutionizing the Operations of the Dubai Real-Estate Sector

Digitalization is today a buzzword in the area of Dubai property and technology. Immobilien uses developing technologies, such PropTech, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality, etc., providing all involved stakeholders a seamless experience. The introduction of digital technologies makes access to the property market much easier and time-saving. A user can now obtain all information needed to decide to purchase, sell or rent. Interaction takes place in just a few clicks via property applications and search engines like Bayut, Zillow, etc. The facility of use is the primary driver of digital media in the real estate market.

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Commonly used digital technologies:

Some of the leading digital technologies in Dubai and throughout the world that are altering the real estate business are as follows:

Augmented reality: The augmented reality or AR has proven a boon to potential purchasers in the Covid-19 era. AR helps retailers organize digital site visits for possible purchasers rather than physically visiting the property and risk their health. Increased reality applications also allow consumers to see property layouts quickly from the comfort of their own homes. Potential buyers can see the property’s condition and all its outstanding qualities on smartphones, AR headsets, or tablets. Because of its speed and comfort, increased reality has successfully strengthened the customer experience of customers and customers in the real estate market. RealAR Places and Commercial Real Estate are among the most popular AR real estate applications.

Big Data Analytics: Big Data Analytics played a crucial role for real estate analyzers to analyze buyers’ performance and get useful insights into the type of home they like. It also enables real estate companies to keep up to date with the prevalent market purchase and sales trends and to forecast future purchasing trends. This data allows immobilizers to construct properties according to consumers’ expectations and ensures that no property is sold out.

Gross data analytics also help potential purchasers to make an ideal purchase throughout their decision-making process.

Chatbots: Potential buyers visit numerous online property websites to identify properties that closely conform to their needs throughout the purchasing decision. The process is highly lengthy and irritating for buyers since it includes every time their inquiries are answered by calling customer services. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) are the groundbreaking innovation that enables potential buyers to respond to their questions in a few clicks quickly. When buyers reach the web portals, AI-Chatbots will be displayed on your screen to help them find answers to their requests. AI-Chatbots enable purchasers to make constant comparisons during the property search process.

Chatbots powered by AI also help real estate brokers to connect to potential purchasers. Real estate brokers can quickly address all requests from potential buyers in their web portals with AI-Chatbots, which often result in an appointment and later turn into sales. AI-Chatbots assist real estate agents to boost sales and earnings in a minimal amount of time and take off their duty to focus on pressing and profitable duties.

Blockchain: There has been an exponential increase in fraudulent property transactions in recent years. Millions of buyers have fallen prey worldwide to real estate malpractices. Realtors also have faults, such as updating inaccurate property titles, problems with access to deals, etc.

Blockchain technology provides data transparency and is a rescuer for buyers. It is based on the concept of sharing leads that support peer-to-peer transactions without central management. The Encrypted Consensus is the genuine substance of Blockchain technology, without interfering with third parties, as an apple of everyone’s eye in the real estate market.

Digital Structural Design:

The basis of powerful architecture depends heavily on its flowing designs, which provide you the knowledge of numerous angles, fragments, and curves. To create sturdy and efficient building designs, the development and use of digital tools at a broader scale through architectural design software work wonders for construction architects. Some of the most common digital technologies architects utilize worldwide are AutoCAD, ArchiCad, RHINO 3D, BIM, 2D-3D modeling software, and more.

Digitization role in Covid-19:

The impact of Covid-19 on real estate has brought all industries to a stop. Since April 2020, there has been a considerable reduction in building operations worldwide due to workers’ safety issues. Digitalization has emerged as a wonderful savior in these challenging times. Immobilien developers leverage developing technology like robotics and artificial intelligence to ensure that the construction process remains continuous. The immobilizing sector uses drones on a wide scale to carry out assessments and surveys on site.

Global real-estate companies utilize cost-cutting techniques to combat the huge losses generated by the pandemic. The real estate manager honchos are responsible for limiting expenditure on creative marketing, publicity, and content generation as this does not create direct income. They will choose digital platforms and social media channels to market their future initiatives, which are even more cost-effective than TV adverts or other ways. Digitalization certainly has a key role to play. A shift towards digital marketing would produce rewarding cost and business expansion effects for the real-estate sector.

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Fajar Realty Digitization:

Digitalization is an intrinsic part of the operations of Fajar Realty, and technology is one of our key values. We use various forms of digital channels to make it easy for our customers to reach us. Our potential landlords & investors can contact the business development team through the ‘Contact Us’ area on the Fajar Realty website to explore alternatives for starting businesses with Fajar. At Fajar Realty, we make a positive influence in the lives of our customers by providing our customers with unrivaled services to create long-term “memorable experiences.”

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