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Dubai’s subleasing legislation

Sub-leasing is legal in Dubai, but is it wise?

Tenants in Dubai often desire to sublet their villa or apartment because breaking tenancy contracts early might result in penalties.

It’s vital to define sub-leasing because it has two meanings. The tenants have their sublease contracts with Better Homes when an agency like Better Homes secures the master lease for an entire building and sublets the units to them. The second form is when a renter wants to rent their property to a third party.

Dubais subleasing legislation

Do you know the rules?

Sub-leasing is permissible in Dubai, but only when agreed upon with the landlord. Unless otherwise stated in the tenancy agreement, the tenant must obtain written approval from the landlord before subletting the property. Sub-tenancy contracts must terminate on the same date as original tenancy contracts. Subletting a property without the landlord’s written consent is grounds for eviction under Article 25.

Your landlord may not want you to sublet their property due to concerns about the sub-tenant. The landlord may not be confident in the sub-reliability, tenants, and the renter may be held liable for any harm caused by the sub-tenant.

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You may be better off breaking the lease, providing you can afford the penalties, or asking the landlord to arrange a new renter. Before signing a lease, tenants should ask the landlord for a document that allows sub-leasing. Consider Betterhomes’ short-term rental division instead of signing a lease you may have to break.

What are my rights if I sublet from another tenant?

If a landlord agrees to a sub-lease, they pick what type of sub-tenant they will accept. If a legally binding sub-lease exists, the sub-tenant has the same rights as the original tenant to renew the tenancy. This means that any rent increase must be given 90 days ahead of the end of the contract and must be in compliance with the rental increase calculator. Sub-tenants are subject to the same eviction regulations as original tenants, but only if a legally approved sub-lease exists. Without a valid sublease contract, the landlord can evict them.

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