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 Expectation from Real Estate Agent in Dubai

Expectation from Real Estate Agent in Dubai

In the real estate market today, we firmly think that both the agencies and the clients are equally responsible, so it is vital to recognize and understand the function of each one in the process to avoid confusion soon. The function of agents is to operate as a middleman between buyer & seller, delivering their customer the best deal as required. In contrast, customers must take appropriate care of the agent and guarantee that they have to deal with the correct person regarding market knowledge, company reputation and track record.

The real estate agent is a licensed broker with a valid RERA ID card from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and an intermediary between the developer and yourself with an extensive range of possibilities based on your preferences. Below, we will highlight a real estate agent’s most significant tasks, expectations, and expectations. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a landlord, or a locator, you will want the agent to provide you a market insight based on indisputable facts and limit your choice when determining what agent is suitable to service your needs.

Let’s start by being a buyer or landlord, where you can expect the agent to request documents to confirm ownership, prepare documents and publish your property. It will provide high-quality photos of all marketing portals, communicate and negotiate buyer or tenants’ offers and prepares documents to complete your transaction.

As a buyer or tenant, you should expect your representative to supply a selection of homes that suit your needs and cash flow and provides you access to visit the properties. He also must negotiate on your behalf and create documentation for completing the deal and return keys. Guidance throughout the whole process certainly applies to all categories of customers and is anticipated from all agents. Another essential item is full disclosure and openness of the properties you offer or view; we believe this and teach our Unique Properties agents. Every real estate agent in Dubai has to understand your needs based on several inquiries, after which only can provide unbiased advice. Rapid reaction and timeliness are also something you need to expect.

In brief, these are the seven key reasons why you should consider working with an immobilizer:

  • Experience & Knowledge
  • Will save you money and time?
  • Network of professionals
  • Wide range of solutions based on your needs
  • Understand your needs and provide impartial counsel
  • Discuss offers and gets the best deal
  • Help with the red tape

The list of items you cannot expect from your agent is not too extensive, but we might like to include the key points typically expected once the transaction is completed. The agents will not assist in maintenance issues, service charges, litigation with any party on the property, construction delays (when purchased off schedules) not because they are unwilling to help but because the agent does not have control over all parties following the successful completion of the transaction. Finally, if the agent rented your property, he cannot help clean the home or connect EJARI unless the services are paid in advance.

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