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 New property investment opportunities in Dubai

New property investment opportunities in Dubai

Many people have high hopes for Dubai, believing it to be a lucrative real estate investment market because of a booming population, growing economy, and more tourism. This article describes why Dubai is an attractive place for businesses and customers because many high-quality projects are available, and the real estate company, Dubai Properties, works with clients to ensure their investments are successful.

  • The volume of property in Dubai:

Dubai is an excellent place to achieve a highly successful return because of the substantial gulf trade that it brings in. This year, real estate sales in the city contributed 27.6 billion dirhams to the city’s GDP. The UAE is second only to Norway for countries where buying to rent makes the most financial sense since the country has one of the lowest rental income tax rates (which sits at 5 percent). Investing in Dubai real estate is generally considered to be a sound financial venture, providing a 7-10% yield on investment.

  • Non-existent and already established projects

While Dubai is relatively new as a progressive city, it has an enormous amount of unaffected territory and a continually expanding population of residents interested in living there. Thanks to the size of the territory and the growth of the population, new neighborhoods can be constructed that provide residents a healthier lifestyle they couldn’t have elsewhere. This is where the characteristics of different sorts of communities vary: families live in the suburbs, while young professionals reside in downtown skyscrapers. Although these properties each have individual characteristics, they can all be rewarding to any investor in the long term.

  • A Studio, an apartment, and a loft are available for purchase.

Our Marasi Community Center’s webpage is here for you to explore: The development at Dubai Wharf near Dubai International Airport and Bellevue Towers would include a promenade with water houses, floating restaurants, five marinas, and other leisure and entertainment possibilities (next to the Burj Khalifa).

One million AED is the estimated starting price for Marasi Business Bay properties. The project is set to be completed by the second quarter of 2021, when Dubai is projected to have gained the expected benefits of hosting the 2020 Expo. Dubai Wharf’s prices start at $937,000, with 50% payment when construction is complete, 10% payment when handover is completed, and the remaining 40% to be paid over two years, spread evenly over four equal installments.

  • Townhouses and single-family residences

Arabella 3 demonstrates all the hallmarks of being a family-friendly property focused on attracting families for a buy-to-rent scenario. One-hundred sixty percent of the buildings are complete, and villas and townhouses selling for between AED 1.42 million and AED 1.49 million are in the community. Here, families with little children, teenagers, or a mix of both have a range of amenities near to others, such as a park, playgrounds, jogging tracks, sports fields, a supermarket, a daycare, an optometrist, and an optometrist a pharmacy. These properties have large amounts of parking, gardens, and balconies, making them excellent investment candidates for someone who desires a plot of land with plenty of green space.

  • Investing in real estate in Dubai

It would help if you could analyze locations before becoming a successful real estate investor. Since we’ve been involved in the real estate industry for over 15 years, we have a substantial portfolio of homes located in popular neighborhoods around the city (see out our introductory guide to Dubai real estate for more details). To create long-term, mutually-desired neighborhoods, we’ve built an established track record for conception and building. Concerning turnkey capabilities, we offer tenant issues and community upkeep.

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