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Cavalli Couture


Damac Properties’ newest project, Cavalli Couture, is a collection of ultra-luxurious 3, 4, and 5-bedroom residences on the Dubai Water Canal. Because of the enticing lifestyle along the canal, users may now experience a level of luxury that exceeds that of standard and premium luxury.

In this area near the Dubai Water Canal’s main entrance, you can see and do more than just marvel at the city’s stunning infrastructure. This high-rise complex is an architectural masterpiece, and it’s the type of location where you may enjoy a more relaxed and exciting way of life. So that you may relax while taking full use of the benefits of unparalleled accessibility and connectivity.

The complex’s low-rise 12-story architecture is renowned, and its infinity pools provide inhabitants with a chic and modern way of living. Ample opportunity to share passionate moments may be found in the tastefully decorated interiors and exteriors. It is a high-end and luxury living environment for premium users since it is one of the finest in its class and is well-known for its architectural brilliance, both of which were done by world-famous designer.

Key Highlights:

  • Highest quality, most luxurious construction Units available in 3, 4, and 5 bedroom layouts
  • A fantastic area with easy access to some very remarkable locales.
  • Luxury Villas with private pools, available in a limited edition design
  • Elegant new construction with just the best amenities
  • Beautiful facades may be created with nothing but nature and design.
Cavalli Couture

Cavalli Couture at Dubai Canal

The apartment’s striking colour scheme and distinctive internal layout make it stand out from the crowd. Located in a fantastic and exciting part of Dubai, you will love being a part of the city’s thriving atmosphere. In case you’ve always wanted to live in the bright city, here is the place for you.

Cavalli Couture celebrates individuality and the pursuit of novelty. The homes in this area are a true expression of taste and social standing. Even better, your visitors will feel like royalty from the moment they enter the residence. What a perfect example of ultra-chic residential design!

Cavalli Couture by Damac Propoerties

Cavalli Couture is based on a design philosophy that anticipates future trends by lacing in valuable extras. There is no doubt that it will live up to the high standards set by the brand name. Roomy bedrooms, living areas, and common areas facilitate unwinding and socialising. Your neighbours are full of life and laughter, and you may try something new every day. The Cavalli Couture line from Damac is both daring and stunning.

Enjoy the theatre, spa, fitness centre, and infinity pool, among many other attractions. Living life on the grand scale is the inspiration behind Cavalli Couture. Right in front of you are stunning views of the waterfront setting. You can relax and have fun since the outdoor environment provides everything you might want. Because of its convenient location, it is close to many exciting attractions.

Features & Amenities

Cavalli Couture is a masterfully crafted community that was designed to provide its affluent inhabitants with a royal level of service and amenities. Guests may take use of facilities and services provided by the world’s finest establishments, all of which share a commitment to providing unforgettable experiences rooted in the latest in global luxury trends while also providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Key Amenities:

  • Stores Selling Goods to the Public
  • Amusement Parks in Shopping Centers
  • Cafes and restaurants with a view of the ocean or mountains
  • Outdoor Spaces like Parks and Seating Areas
  • Options for a Relaxing Meal
  • Services of a Concierge and a Valet

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Floor Plan

Cavalli Couture’s 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments with Canal views provide a lifestyle large enough and sumptuous enough to reimagine the concept of luxury. The low-rise complex boasts a beautifully built 12-story facade, along with a pool for each apartment so residents can relax and take in the tranquil surroundings.

Because of its prime location on the Dubai Water Canal, the Cavalli Couture Tower gives its residents access to the luxurious waterfront amenities that the city of Dubai has to offer. With such close proximity to significant retail establishments and historical landmarks, you may take advantage of the wide variety of options available, the possibility of perfect placements, and the ease of travel.

Because of this, the location is ideal for acquiring the vast majority of necessities for daily life within a short amount of time. The convenience of being close to all of your favourite attractions, as well as all of your daily necessities, is unparalleled.


Location Connectivity:

  • City Walk in 5 Minutes
  • Shopping in the Dubai Mall in under 10 minutes
  • Oasis Mall: Just 10 Minutes Away
  • Emirates Hospital in 15 minutes; Dubai International Airport in 20 minutes.
  • Al Maktoum International Airport can be reached in 35 minutes.


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Master Plan

Damac Cavalli Couture Apartments give residents a stylish and fantastic lifestyle inside a master-planned community, one that will make them swoon over the developer’s thoughtfully crafted amenities.

You won’t need anything else while in Dubai because you’ll find everything you’re looking for here. Life is more satisfying and enlightening because to the superior facilities and services available here.

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