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Chic Tower By Damac

Overview of Chic Tower:

Chic Tower by Damac Properties is the newest and most recently started project. It is in Business Bay, Dubai, and has apartments with five to four bedrooms that have been carefully designed. Explore the new heights of luxury in a top location that is known for the great things it has to offer nearby. A place in Dubai that is special and different from the rest of the city, where you can get some of the best benefits.

A whole way of life with no limits, where you can enjoy the most flavorful moments and dig deep into the truth of happiness in your pockets. You don’t have to go all over the world looking for things when the place is one of the best in every way and lets you live a full-fledged life.

Project development:

The development has seven revitalizing bath areas meant to remove toxins from the body. There is a lot to see and do there. Where hot and cold baths, salt baths, and mud baths give you a unique life-giving tonic, you can get many different health benefits.

A rising symbol of success and prestige in the area has already reached significant heights. It brings a whole new way of life, with the pleasure of getting to top destinations like the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai in a matter of minutes. All of this is made possible by the advantages of living there, which make it easy to get to the prestigious neighborhood.

One of the newest ways of representing art was used to design this fantastic building, which adds a lot to the infrastructure of Dubai. It was built by Damac Properties and designed by de GRISOGONO, and it’s the perfect place to get lost in the beauty of the vibes. The unique and sincere way of life, combined with the best amenities and service, significantly affects how well people live.

A new benchmark of success and distinction in the neighborhood, this landmark has already reached the upper echelons of prominence and ushers in a refreshingly modern way of life. Connecting nearby luxury hotspots like the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai takes only a few minutes to reach the pinnacle of convenience. The advantages of where you live make it possible to have easy access to the affluent area.

Features & Amenities

When you live in Chic Dubai Mall, you and your guests will have access to the upscale amenities and services you’d expect from a building of its caliber. The 7 rejuvenating bath zones are the main appeal, as they assist in removing toxins from the body and leave your skin looking radiant. This property in Lazy River promises its residents a luxurious way of life, complete with luxury amenities such as a spa, a gym, a cabana, and a playground. Residents and guests of Damac Chic Tower can enjoy the perks and facilities of living in a high-end development.

Rare and famous amenities for living it up, with fun activities for people of all ages to partake in and celebrate the bright future ahead.

  • Gymnasiums
  • Open Spaces & Beautiful Gardens
  • Shopping Malls
  • Cabanas
  • Refreshing Drink Shops
  • Places to Have Fun
  • Decks Designed for Meditation
  • a watering hole for swimmers
  • Grassy Place for Grilling
  • A Place to Park
  • A Place Where Children Can Play

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Location Map

Located in the Heart of Business Bay in Dubai, Chic Dubai Mall provides its residents with easy access to the city’s many amenities. Services for inhabitants of all types are available, including necessities to cutting-edge luxuries designed to improve residents’ quality of life.

A new concentration of centralized and substantial benefits, filled with new and future developments in the neighborhood, will bring even more desirable structures to the site and increase its prestige and worth. A concentration of businesses and workers offers a wide range of career paths.

Head Office

PO Box 123835, Dubai-UAE

Tel : +00971 56 9121145

Email :

Business Hours

09:30 AM to 06:30 PM

Distance and Proximity:

  • Seven Minutes in the Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa – 07 Minutes
  • 14 Minutes in Dubai’s Medical Metropolis
  • It Takes 15 Minutes to Get to the RasAlKhor Wildlife Sanctuary
Chic Tower

Master Plan

Damac Chic Tower is the newest building in Business Bay, and it will boost the area’s worth and market cap thanks to its high standard of living and other benefits. Experience a new standard of living in Dubai, where every comfort and amenity is at your fingertips. This landmark address is quickly becoming a symbol of the city, promising a radical departure from the status quo and a dramatic improvement in your quality of life.

To reserve your house and enter the new elevation of luxury and spark in your life, take this fantastic opportunity and transform the scope of your life by making tiny modifications. Everything comes down with the easy payment plans offered.

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