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Marbella at Damac Lagoons


Marbella at Damac Lagoons is the newest project by Damac Properties. It has 4- and 5-bedroom townhouses and villas that offer Dubai’s most luxurious way of life. These famous urban designs are also a new way to show where you live in this beautiful land of love and passion. Marbella is a place where the infrastructure makes it clear. You’ve never had this much exposure before, and it’s here to make all of your dreams come true.

The best services make every part of your life easy and fun, full of joy and happiness. The sprinkling water all around is also designed with grand interiors that capture with the essence of the Mediterranean. The days that will take away your stress from day-to-day life are when you have fun like no other and leave memories that you can never erase.

The best services for fun and entertainment are available in an elegant atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Beautiful townhouses and villas take you on a journey of luxury and happiness. An adventure in the size and scope of your site and comfort in your life. The premium access and services, especially the designs, are great, making people care about and love nature and everyday things in a new way.

Marbella At Damac Lagoon
Marbella At Damac Lagoon



• Water Parks
• Regional Malls
• Shop
• Beaches with sand
• Retail Outlets
• Playground for kids
• Swimming Pool
• Gym

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PO Box 123835, Dubai-UAE

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09:30 AM to 06:30 PM

Marbella by Damac Properties has its charm and style of life, which is reflected in its architecture, inspired by the Mediterranean and brings harmony and love to this way of life. This amazing place has many benefits and amenities that make life better for everyone and bring together people who enjoy the same things. With wellness centers and zones, people will be able to have more fun and joy because they will have access to high-quality services, entertainment grounds, and facilities. As well as a lot of other benefits that are hard to find.

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Mediterranean Living at Damac Lagoons Marbella

With its beautiful townhouses and villas, Marbella at Damac Lagoons is the epitome of luxury in every way. The outstanding architecture is based on what the Damac Lagoons have done in the past. With that, it reveals a story that is very shocking and makes people feel things they’ve never felt before. Some of the most beautiful views can see from the elegant-looking homes. Moreover, enjoy the mountain waterfall, indoor and outdoor sports hub, beach activities, water cinema, and more.

There are creative ideas, a sense of culture, and new inventions waiting for you. It’s a high-end waterfront home where everything you see is the definition of living well. Each of these villas also has a big living room, a big yard, and much-needed privacy. It also tends to fit your high-class lifestyle and keep you away from the chaos and busyness of the city. When you think about what your family wants, the beautiful townhouses here are sure to be the right fit. There is a private garden where you and your loved ones can talk, make friends, and spend time together.

Quality Living at Marbella Damac Lagoons

There are lots of entertainment places in Marbella. If you live here, you’ll have access to a strong and easy-to-use transportation system that tries to give you more comfort and joy. Here, you can enjoy a lot of different things, like a cycling track, fitness and wellness zone, a clubhouse, and water sports. Moreover, the wide variety of fun things to do will keep you busy. It also ensures that you never get bored. It’s not just a house; it’s also a place where you can feel like you’re on vacation all the time.

Live the best life

With their large rooms and master living styles, the homes shown here offer comfort and luxury where your family can live happily. The best kind of fun you can do every day opens up new ways to have fun and relax. So, come and get lost in the beauty of this land, where the energy will make you more charming and charismatic.
Marbella is a great project by Damac Properties that gives people a lot of fun things to do and places to go. Enjoy the best way of life, carefully set up here so you can enjoy every moment with its lagoons and beach-like facilities.

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