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 8 Facts about Dubai Real Estate Market

8 Facts about Dubai Real Estate Market

Real Estate is said to be the backbone of every economy. Dubai, owing its scenic beauty and world class infrastructure has become the focal point of real estate business. Many investors are investing in the real estate business. The demand of property buying is increasing day by day. Investors are getting huge returns on their investments in the Dubai Real Estate market. If someone wants to invest in the real market then the best place for this is Dubai Real Estate market. There are a lot reasons that why people should invest in Dubai Real Estate market but the most prominent are as under:
1. Extensive Growing Population:
Have you ever listened about someone who invested in ghost towns and cities? The answer would definitely be in negative. This is because people do not invest in those places where residents have started migrating. In these areas property does not yield any revenue. But if talk about Dubai, this is entirely different. Dubai Real Estate market has gained momentum due to consistent growing population. It has become a cosmopolitan city inhabiting citizens of more than 200 cities. From 2008 to 2018, its population has increased 86 percent. This phenomenal increase in popular makes the Dubai Real Estate market one of the most emerging business hub in the world.
2. Secure and Serene Environment:
Another advantage which ads feather to the Dubai Real Estate market is its sense of security and protection the people of Dubai experience. This sense of security and belonging propels you to work hard and expand your business as your investments and profits are safe and secure. Therefore,
You should invest in Dubai Real Estate to reap a lot of dividends and profits.
3. Low Acquisition Cost:
One of the most important factor in Real Estate business is cost effectiveness. When there is high cost acquisition, there are very meagre number of investor and buyers. But Dubai Real Estate Market has low acquisition cost as compared to other capitals of the world. The rate of per square foot in Dubai is 468 USD whereas it is 3208 USD in London. This is the huge benefit to investors and you should also invest in Dubai Real Estate Market.
4. High Rental Return
Rental returns also perform a very vital role in determining the worth of real estate business. In Dubai, some best performing areas generate up to 10 percent yield. On the other hand, this is 3.21 percent in London and 2.83 percent in Singapore. On average and conservative basis, Dubai rental rate is not less than 5.82 percent. This is very alluring and attracting factor for Dubai Real Estate market and you should avail this amazing benefits.
5. Property Tax Exemption
The special benefit that Dubai Real Estate Market offer is the total tax exemption. You have no property tax to pay in Dubai. This tax exemption affects all the other aspects of real estate to make it more favorable and charming place for investment. While in other places of the world like Hong Kong, Singapore and New York you have to pay 15, 13, and 2.33 percent property tax respectively.
6. Property Visa
Property based visa is the most distinguishing feature of Dubai Real Estate market. You can become eligible to get resident visa based on your property purchase in Dubai. This is the huge and biggest advantage associated with the Dubai Real Therefore, you should invest in Dubai Real Estate to get the taste of luxury living and charming life.
7. Centre of World Events
Dubai is becoming the center of world events and ceremonies day by day. Might it be cricket matches or be it global conferences, all activities are shifting towards Dubai. This shift is very beneficial for Dubai Real Estate which would reach it to the pinnacle of success and innovation. So, you should invest in Dubai Real Estate today to reap the benefits of investments.
8. Conclusion
Shortly, if you want higher returns, safe environment, secure investment, property based visa and advanced infrastructure, you should invest in Dubai Real
Estate Moreover, This Real estate has gained the attention and focus of world investors which has increased its utility. So, you should invest in Dubai Real Estate as soon as possible to reach in the world of high rental price coupled with the tax exempted property.

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