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 Best payment plans for buying property in Dubai

Best payment plans for buying property in Dubai

The Dubai real estate business has made significant growth in recent years. The Dubai property market referred to something be a magnet for property purchasing investors. People from different places like Dubai because of its high ROI, sound economic conditions, and the many options. According to a survey, three-quarters (75 percent) of the property was purchased in Dubai by foreign investors. We have reviewed possible payment alternatives for buying properties in Dubai to make things easy for you. It isn’t straightforward for most people to pay 100% in advance for purchasing a property in Dubai. That’s why the trend of buying properties is widespread. Property developers provide their buyers with a complete payment plan for comfort and ease. The payment plan shall set out the number of installments to be paid within a specific period and the amount to be paid to purchase property in Dubai in each installment.

It should be mentioned that different developers provide various forms of payment schemes. In this article, we have clarified the several payment options most frequently offered in Dubai:

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  1. Post-transfer payment schedules

As the name suggests, the payment after delivery of the property in Dubai allows the purchaser to make the payment. However, before acquiring the property, they are still forced to pay a specific proportion of the overall amount. Post-transfer payment plans were initiated in late 2013, primarily for more significant developments. However, the success of this payment plan resulted in private developers also jumping into the car.

This type of payment plan is mainly aimed at investors seeking properties in Dubai. It offers them considerable convenience since they may take care of the property and rent it out after the transfer. You use the rent to pay the remainder. The fact that ROI is at the top in Dubai and the rents are the same has helped the success of this payment plan. End users (buyers) also support this payment plan because it enables them to pay on the property they bought and manage the rest of the payment easily.

  1. Installment payment

The most traditional payment schemes are separated into percentages paid in various phases of the payment period. For instance, if you have a payment plan of 60:40, you pay 60 percent in installments until delivery and the remainder 40 percent at the transfer of the property.

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  1. Rent to own payment

It is a standard payment method in Dubai for buying property. The rent-to-own payment plan is geared at end-users and can only be moved into properties. It is more ideal for customers who do not have enough money to pay for the property in Dubai in advance.

According to this method, a tenancy contract is made between the landlord and the tenant for 10 years. In this payment plan, annual rent is more than the market price. Under this arrangement, if both parties successfully meet the terms of the agreement, the tenant will become the buyer of that property in Dubai.

The tenant might use the rental money as the down payment on the property. For the rest, they can receive a mortgage via banks or private lenders.

  1. Mortgage a property:

Another popular choice of payment for buying property in Dubai is payment plans for buyers; the mortgage or financing option suits those who do not have a lot of cash at their disposal. Many buyers opt for this method because of the convenience it offers. However, it is essential to note that the buyer has to meet the eligibility criteria to secure a mortgage with the bank or private lender. Also, they have to make the initial down payment on their own. Furthermore, the loan is not approved for the total value of the property.

  1. Length of plan and down payment affect price

The consequent price action, which is noticed without considering legal fees, is becoming ever more chaotic with a wide range since potential buyers view prices all over the place for factors that have nothing to do with location, size, view, or quality of the building. The length of the payment plan and the down payment are dominated by price action. This means that when default rates begin to arise, prices vary even more. In recent years, home prices in Ireland have risen.

The payment method mentioned above works really for investors and purchasers, considering the high Dubai property costs. However, it must be noted that not every Dubai project or property has the same payment plan, even if it is constructed by the same developer. Do your homework before choosing the one from the abundance of Dubai properties at Provident Estate and make an informed decision.



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