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 Expo 2020 Dubai tickets go on sale

Expo 2020 Dubai tickets go on sale

An Expo is a global gathering devoted to finding solutions to the main concerns facing the world today. The Dubai 2020 World Expo will be one of the world’s most significant events in the Arab world ever. The event is scheduled to attend over 25 million tourists, producing 275,000 new jobs for the UAE economy. The city will grab the world’s attention even before the event begins. Expo 2020 tickets are officially on sale in Dubai to guests from all over the world.

The information on three levels of ticketing has been announced—AED 95 tickets for a one-day ticket (alternative to 1.924); AED 195 tickets for multi-day tickets offering unlimited entry for the next 30 consecutive days, and season tickets with a complete entry for the whole six months of Expo 2020 cost AED 495 (alternative to 10.027).

Tickets to the most significant performance in the world are currently on sale, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Tickets will provide you admission to all pavilions, events and live performances and infinite entertainment choices. Up to 60 live events with world-class music, dance and art will be held every day. Children under 18 and students with a valid student ID from any university worldwide receive free admission. Free tickets will also be available to determined people with a 50 percent discount for their partners. Visitors 60 years of age and older can also enter free of charge.

Tickets are sold online at expo2020dubai.com. More than 2,400 ticket resellers are also available.

Expo 2020 is the newest iteration of a long line of exhibitions worldwide. The series has been operating since the first event in London, the UK was held in 1851. Nations are together to find solutions to critical issues and to demonstrate the best of entertainment and activities. Organizers predict that the Expo 2020 six-month duration will host 25 million people to Dubai. Expo 2020 Dubai starts Friday 1st October, and tickets are now sold globally (Sunday, July 18). At Expo 2020 Dubai, from October 1 2021, to Thursday, March 31 2022, you can expect to explore the world of innovation and entertainment via 182 aesthetically wonderful and exciting days.

Triple levels of tickets are on offer: Dhs95 access for one day, Dhs195 multi-day passes for 30 consecutive days, Dhs195 season passes for six months with free entrance. More than 2500 authorized ticket resellers, including online travel brokers, tour operators, hotel companies, and airlines from more than 100 markets worldwide, will also make them available.

Expo 2020 Dubai is scheduled to run from October 1 2021, to March 31 2022. Recently a new video with football sensation Lionel Messi has been unveiled to honour the 3-month countdown of the big global event.

What will be the impact on the real estate market in Dubai?

The Expo project will undoubtedly help the immobilization industry in Dubai. Offplan sales in essential places like Dubai South, where the event will be held, have been up to 285 percent higher than last year. You can only imagine how prices of the identical units will soar further once the property is ready to accommodate about 1 million people.

This massive number of visitors will produce an excellent boom for the economy, particularly in the real estate sector in Dubai. During Expo 2020, the rental demand will increase substantially, offering the landlord the benefit and freedom to change rental pricing to increase profit. The optimum time to invest in the property market in Dubai is before the event begins, and this vision is progressively becoming a reality for landlords to see a robust market over the years to come.

Expo Golf Villas – Investment in Perfect Expo 2020

Expo Golf Villas, a pioneering project by Emaar, is a real homage to Dubai’s bright future. Just minutes from Expo 2020, the Al Maktoum Airport Championship Golf course and the forthcoming global aviation centre, Expo Golf Villas, are superb investment opportunities for distinguished investors. They start from one of the hottest Dubai locations at a low price of only AED 999,888.

How is the Dubai real estate market going to look after Expo 2020?

It is not simple to predict how the market would look like after Expo 2020. However, based on the information and the knowledge we have on the current market, the supply of properties and plans post-event, many steps are taken to ensure that the event has the maximum economic impact but still avoid withdrawal symptoms when most tourists return to their countries of origin.

We believe that expo 2020 will have a significant impact on the real estate market of Dubai and contribute to stabilizing market prices in the city’s real estate market.

How can you take part in the event?

You can contribute to the success of this event, whether you’re a local or an expat. However, Expo volunteers are the main contributors to the event, with over 30.000 volunteers estimated to help this event succeed. You can also apply as an enterprise, official participant or locate a proper job via the official job portal for events.

If you want to learn more about investing in the Dubai property market and take advantage of the once in a lifetime event, please feel free to contact one of our property professionals to obtain a free immovable consultation in this brief guide for Expo 2020.


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