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 UAE’s real estate market attraction for foreign investors

UAE’s real estate market attraction for foreign investors

In the past, investors were uncertain about investing in the Dubai real estate market, mainly because of the financial crisis that hit several nations worldwide in 2008. Since the revival of the town’s property market and one of the world’s most robust property markets today, things have changed, however, many foreigners have been tempted to invest in the off-plan constructions in town because of the massive return on the original investment. In recent years, the UAE real estate market has become more popular with ex-pats seeking Sun life or an alternative strategy for building their investment portfolio. In recent years UAE has shown to be the appropriate destination for investments abroad. It has provided inexpensive luxury investment options with better average investment returns than some of the world’s known investment destinations.

real estate market attraction

Why do foreigners appreciate the UAE Immobile Market?

  • Cultivating economy

Investors take into account the country’s economy in which they intend to invest while investing in a property overseas since technically, they invest in the property and invest in the city where the property is located. The intriguing thing about Dubai is that the city has witnessed a remarkable rise in the previous few years, and the facts and statistics indicate that the city will continue to boost its economy in the next few years.

  • Excellent infrastructure

Infrastructure plays a crucial role, be it residential or commercial property because good infrastructure simplifies life when people use it. The infrastructure of the United Nations is highly spectacular because of its high standard requirements, great buildings, hospitals, schools, and easy transport systems, including a metro, tram, highways, and 12 lane roads, which could not be found in places like Dubai.

Excellent infrastructure

  • Variety of budget options

One of the many advantages of having property in the UAE is an excellent range of properties for your budget. For example, we provide a diverse alternative on our website, from luxurious houses close to a golf course or a penthouse in Burj Khalifa to economical single-room studio apartments in the center of town. You can thus look at various off-plan properties on our site, depending on your budget. You will most likely discover an appropriate choice for your ideal property but still beneath your budget, particularly with the various payment procedures that we provide.

  • High safety

In terms of general security, the United Arab States is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, with meager crime rates and strict law enforcement. A wise investor will make sure his property is secure, and the UAE is not just the safest country in the region of MENA. It is one of the safest in the world, with crimes and theft nearly never heard.

  • Excellent rental return

One of the critical reasons Dubai is considered one of the top places for global investment is it generates rental returns, which delivers superior investment returns than other major rival cities, such as New York and London. So if you plan to step up your property investment, Dubai may be your best choice.

  • Expo 2020 – Expo

Expo 2020 is planned to attract 25 million unique visitors from 180 countries in Dubai and up to 33 million visits during the six-month timeframe. It is vital to remember that, even after the event ends, many of these visitors will settle in the city, with new firms and opportunities arising. This massive number of visitors will undoubtedly give tourism and hospitality a big boost. The demand for rent during Expo 2020 will be strong, giving the landlord the advantage and the flexibility in adjusting rental prices to boost their profits. It is an adequate time to invest in a Dubai home.

  • No tax on property

Although this bonus point may seem to some overseas investors surreal, sure, that is true. The Federal Government of UAE does not impose a tax on the wealth of businesses and individuals in the UAE. The ruling Dubai family has stated that Dubai is never going to use taxation. No property charge means that once you have purchased your property from Dubai, there is no fee other than the property tax payable to the Government that the deal is concluded.

  • 2019 Prediction: Will foreign purchasers keep investing in UAE?

Because of its strategic position, progressive law, business-friendly rules, and the will to diversify the economy, foreign money have continuously found its way into the Emirates. Last year, the UAE government proposed new, long-term visa laws, notably for investors, to foreign people. Together with the fierce competition among developers, it will undoubtedly increase foreign investment in the country.

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