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 Investors Guidelines for Real Estate Dubai

Investors Guidelines for Real Estate Dubai

The Dubai Immobilize Investment Guide is aimed at educating potential investors in the prosperous Dubai Immobilize Market and to explain the present situation in Dubai, when the best time to invest is and what are the main aspects to look at in the future. Whether you’re an investor or an end-user, the real estate market in Dubai has always been one of the most profitable and safe options for achieving higher returns and securing successful long-term investment.

What makes Dubai so appealing?

It is a town in which early investors have enjoyed the highest growth ever seen on the world property market. Since 2002, when the right of property ownership was proclaimed to foreign nationals, investment investors from around the world have seen substantial profits from their investments. Today, the market has developed and is no longer focused on speculation, a strongly regulated and sustainable property market which has significant advantages over other global property markets.

Investors Guidelines

Investment benefits in Dubai:

  • Free Tax Investment
  • Growth and Stable Economy
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Various options for all budgets
  • Returns for high rental (Average 6 percent – 7 percent )
  • Great location to the West
  • Expo 2021 Exhibition.
  • Global hub of business

Compared global cities

The property market in Dubai could be much younger than other worldwide hot spots. But the city’s average ROI is better than most major centres throughout the world. A recent analysis by Moody’s Investors Service worldwide rating agency found that demand for housing in Dubai should continue to expand with an attractive ROI of 6 to 7 percent as reported over the last 12 months.

City Average ROI
Dubai 5%
Montreal 4.5%
Bangkok 3.0%
Paris 2.9%
New York 2.7%
London 2.5%
Singapore 2.4%


In addition, the city is well known for its exceptional value for money and even higher capital growth potential.

City Prime Residential Value $ Per Square Foot
Dubai $580
Singapore $1,580
London $1,920
Paris $1,590
New York $2,510
Hong Kong $ 4,610
*Data from Savills Prime Index – Feb 2020


Dubai Property Market Short History

It would be fair to claim that the property market in Dubai began with the granting of free ownership of property for foreign nationals in 2002 by HRH. Oqood was also introduced in 2008 with the introduction of law 13, which set forth the Developer’s responsibility to comply with and launch off-plan registrations (Oqood). In just 12 months, the Dubai property market faced its most immense struggle towards the end of 2008. The crisis in the world economy hit the Dubai market and properties. Buyers who were clever enough to invest then witnessed a massive return on their holdings.

Dubai Property Market

Post Covid-19 Real Estate Market

It is indeed too early to determine the magnitude of the worldwide economic repercussions of the present crisis, but we can say that today’s prices are at or near their bottom. Moreover, today’s interest rates are quite competitive, and the first-time buyers have complete access to mortgages, so expats who purchase their first house may now fund up to 80% of their property price.

But when to buy remains the question?

It is the one million dollar issue everybody hopes to have a clear answer to because nobody can anticipate the future in the same way that nobody has foreseen the Covid 19 pandemic today. Brokers often claim to buy today, and the truth is that the correct project is at the best of offers regardless of the time. Buyers often want to wait till the price is down, but in fact, we won’t know the bottom of the market until prices start going up again, and by then, you’ve usually missed the chance, and it’s too late. The current worldwide pandemic merely offers the Developer an opportunity to better deal on the resale market or perhaps a better payment plan and waives.

What to buy?

It is very vital to establish the goal of your purchase before discussing what property to buy. If you seek a family house as an end-user, it makes all the difference. It is a logical decision and should not be influenced by emotion. The purpose of our staff here is to assist you in finding something that meets your needs and fits your budget. On the other hand, if you are only looking for investment, then the game changes, and we all agree on a lot. In this respect, Dubai is unique: with new mega communities being built virtually every year in great locations, the city is continuously increasing, and investing in one of these new projects at an early stage means that you get here at a significantly less cost, which almost ensures strong returns. It would help if you decided after studying the Developer and asking your Developer about prior studies.


Before the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2019, Dubai was, despite the city’s tiny size, the second most visited town in Paris, London, and Singapore. Tourists and investors are insignificant worldwide, not to mention the rise of interest among expatriates living in the country after established the visa idea. In other worldwide cities, the city still gives luxury developments and one of the highest returns on investment at a fraction of the rates. In addition, you don’t have to pay any tax on rental income, and when you sell your property, you don’t pay any tax on capital gains; this reflects your returns.


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