Benefits of Off-Plan Property in Dubai | Fajar Realty
 Benefits of Off-Plan Property in Dubai | Fajar Realty

Benefits of Off-Plan Property in Dubai | Fajar Realty

Benefits of Off-Plan Property

Investors and first-time homebuyers alike must weigh the pros and cons of buying a ready-to-move-in house versus one still in the planning stages. To make an informed selection, it’s essential to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each option. While we’ve all heard about the advantages of buying a ready house, such as examining the property in person before making a purchase and moving in as soon as the paperwork is completed, there are a few more off-plan property benefits.

Off-Plan Property Benefits

Buying a home off-plan property allows you more freedom when choosing fixtures and finishing touches. As a result, you can rest assured that you will do everything to your exact specifications and increase the property’s worth and appeal.

If prices are expected to climb significantly by the time the project is finished, this can be a beneficial tool. Receive in early and pay a tiny deposit of roughly 10% to ensure you get the home. Then benefit from a brand new construction worth more than you paid for it.

1. Modern Architecture and Building Techniques

We’ve seen a significant shift in consumer behaviour as we adapt to quick technology, lifestyle, and real estate changes in the last several years. They are constantly striving to improve upon their previous work, which helps them and their clients.

Modern Architecture and Building Techniques

The furnishings of a ten-year residence may not reflect our current lifestyles in 2021. As a result, purchasing a property off-plan allows the buyer to get a home or business tailored to their specific needs.

In an apartment building, a conference room or co-working space is a fantastic example of satisfying the present and future demands of the end-users. These amenities can be found in many of Dubai’s residential complexes. The concept has proven popular because it allows residents to meet others who share their interests and fosters a sense of belonging. Intelligent home systems, standard in new residential construction but challenging to retrofit into older structures because they didn’t exist in the past, work the same way.

New developments in construction processes, materials, and interior design will emerge between the time the project is announced and the time it is handed over, and the developer has the flexibility to incorporate these into the project.

2. Newly Constructed Home

Being the first owner of a property, which we’ve heard about before, is considerably more fulfilling than owning something that has already been utilized. You can also choose the view, select floor number, or whether you like a corner unit if it’s a villa or townhouse while purchasing an off-plan property.

Newly Constructed Home

3. Cost-Effective

A crucial consideration for investors and consumers alike. Off-plan property can be purchased at a far lower cost than those already built. In this way, the customer can get a better price because developers compete with each other.

4. Inflationary Growth

The value of an off-plan property increases significantly when it is sold. The property’s value will rise as the off-plan development takes shape and the surrounding area’s transportation, amenities, and retail infrastructure develop.

5. Offers and Payment Plans

It’s possible to pay for off-plan property developments in lesser amounts over time because the payment schedules are tied to construction progress. There is a booking charge of only 5 to 10 percent in many off-plan projects in Dubai, and the DLD cost may be canceled entirely or in part, offering the buyer even more savings. Unless you’re buying a ready property with a mortgage and therefore paying interest, you won’t be able to pay for years after you receive possession of a project with long-term post-handover payment terms.

Offers and Payment Plans

6. Personalization of the Home’s Features

Colours, flooring, and kitchen design layouts can be customized to your liking in many off-plan construction projects.

7. Regulations and Safety

In Dubai, buying off-plan is entirely secure. Protecting the buyer from delays or project cancellations has been introduced by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Developers have access to the buyer’s installments when they complete building milestones.

An off-plan purchase may appear hazardous at first, but it may be pretty beneficial if done correctly. You may be able to ‘catch the profit worm’ by purchasing an off-plan property. Waiting a year before purchasing a home could result in significant price increases if property values in the area you’re considering are rising. Even before you move in, the value of your home may have increased. So if you purchase £250,000 for your house and it’s worth £280,000 a year later, your investment has paid off handsomely. If you’re considering buying a property, you should always seek an expert’s opinion before making a big decision.

Cases of Purchasing Off-plan Property

In some cases, purchasing off-plan may allow you to get your hands on the perfect plot. Whether it’s a specific house type, a quiet section of the site, or a south-facing garden, buying early usually gives you the most options. First come, first served may also be the situation with some urban and city developments with restricted parking.

You may be able to customize some aspects of the application. Flooring, tiling, integrated appliances, and intelligent technology are all available options and upgrade some homebuilders and developments offer. To fulfil the buyer’s needs, some contractors are also capable of relocating or eliminating walls from an existing home’s plan. Buying early in the construction process is essential to personalize your new home.

  • Check to see if you have the correct financial advice. If you’re planning to buy a home far in advance, or if there are any unexpected delays, be aware of what your mortgage provider wants to do and whether an extension is available.
  • To provide you with the most satisfactory service, your solicitor must be well-versed in the rules governing purchasing a brand new property.
  • It’s essential to regularly get in touch with your new home’s builder to ensure that you’re aware of any changes in the construction process.

Off-plan property and ready-to-move-in residences have their merits, but as a buyer, you need to consider your time frame, the availability of cash, and location preferences. Research the developer’s track record and the quality of their previous work before deciding. Before making a purchase, be sure the function Object() { [native code] } complies with RERA regulations.

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