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Park Greens at DAMAC Hills 2

An exclusive paradigm development by Damac Properties, Park Greens at Damac Hills 2 features spacious and well-constructed villas in a lush green water inspired community. These luxurious villas are nestled in DH2 in Dubai, which means residents will have easy access to all the major place of city. These villas are perfect mixture of nature and modern luxury in perfect harmony. Within the confines of this opulent neighborhood, however, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities for excitement and novelty that will transform even the most routine of days.

Park Greens

Park Greens Highlights:

  • 5BR twin villas with premium water facilities.
  • Nestled in Damac Hills 2
  • A sprawling 5.1 million sq. ft. park, where residents can find a pleasant sounds of nature.
  • 1% Monthly Payment Plan
  • Highly customizable villas for luxurious lifestyle
  • Anticipated Completion Date March 2027


Damac’s luxurious villa development provides large, comfortable rooms with world-class services. Park Greens brings a new level of luxury living. In addition to comfortable living villas, the thoughtful design of these villas creates a peaceful environment where technology and nature can coexist. The meticulous architectural design of these homes guarantees that every square foot is optimized for comfort and functionality.

Park Greens

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Park Greens Amenities:

Elevate your standard of living with access to the Park Greens’ luxurious features. They have several facilities and amenities that make living there easy and pleasant. The residents of Park Greens can enjoy its meticulous features of these luxurious villas. At Park Greens, you will get quality of life that’s at the absolute height of contemporary standards. The clubhouse and common areas are perfect settings for its residents who enjoy hosting and attending social events.

  • Lazy River
  • Malibu Beach
  • Boating Lake & Cafe
  • Wave Surf
  • Floating Cinema
  • Jogging Track
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Cricket Pitch & Nets Tennis
  • Volleyball Court
  • Basketball & Football Court
  • BBQ Area
  • Hedge Maze
  • Kids Play Area
  • Amphitheater
  • Zen Garden
  • Chess Slate

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Park Greens Payment Plan:

The Potential buyers of Damac Park Greens can take advantage of the community’s convenient payment plans to bring their dreams of living in this luxurious neighborhood one step closer to fruition. In Park Greens project there’s flexible payment options, which will help its buyers to meet your financial obligations.

  • 1% Monthly Payment Plan
  • 20% Down Payment
  • 30% on Completion
  • Anticipated Completion Date March 2027
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Park Greens

Park Greens Nearby Locations:

Damac Park Greens, centrally positioned inside Damac Hills 2, is an ideal place to find peace and quiet without sacrificing convenience. Park Greens by Damac Hills 2 is conveniently close to the city’s commercial and recreational centers. The community’s proximity to Al Qudra Road makes it convenient for its residents to get to all points in the city. Enjoy a short commute that will get you back to this whole neighborhood quickly. The city center is conveniently accessible via a variety of networks, including four main highways.

  • 10 Minutes – Radisson Dubai Damac Hills
  • 15 Minutes – Dubai Outlet Mall, First Avenue Mall & Aster Medical Centre
  • 25 Minutes – Al Qudra Road
  • 30 Minutes – Al Maktoum International Airport & Mall of the Emirates

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Park Greens by Damac Properties is a family-friendly master-planned community with a focus on water, sports, and entertainment. Residences come in a variety of styles and layouts, and the area is filled with fun things to do including sports fields, a paintball arcade, an outdoor movie theater, and the thrilling Malibu Beach wave pool. Malls featuring grocery stores, medical clinics, fitness centers, food trucks, and more can be found in this community. It’s up to you whether to use the space as an additional bedroom, a cozy games area, a home office, or a private library. Enjoy the comfort of a home that changes to suit your needs. The interiors of a Park Greens home are the epitome of refined simplicity.

This project is mega launch by Damac Properties with 1% payment plan. Park Greens will take advantage of DAMAC Hills 2’s many opportunities for healthy, socially-engaged living. This project is quickly becoming a popular place to live due to its many amenities and located on the ideal place to call “home,” a spot surrounded by lush greenery and unspoiled wilderness. For more information visit our official website Fajar Realty.

Damac lagoon views also presented a very beautiful lush olive tree garden which will take to another world of peace and nature. You can also considered this place as a marriage destination. Damac Lagoon Views will be a lively and entertaining place for people who enjoy socializing. In addition to a board games casino pavilion and music festivals. This property is ideal for smaller families raising children, with a playground already included.

Discover first-rate amenities carefully crafted to enhance living in a lavish community and immerse yourself in unmatched luxury. In this magical sanctuary, let the chirping of birds and the comforting hug of nature create the mood for an unforgettable experience. Indulge in a serene environment where you may relax in the lap of luxury or take a long, hot bath to forget about your all troubles.

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