Want to invest in the real estate market in Dubai? If yes, please let me say why Emaar is your best bet to obtain the ROI that you deserve. With a variety of Dubai off schedule developments that take the market by a storm, Emaar is the developer of most of these well-designed communities. The Dubai Immobilize Market is now going through an exciting period and is hoping to settle soon. This is the perfect moment to invest in the Dubai real estate market if you want to take full advantage of the current market.


  • 1 World Real Estate Developer

Emaar Properties is listed by Forbes Magazine as the 20th most respected corporation in the world, making it the world’s top real estate company.

  • Developer of Most Confidence

With a strong global reputation, Emaar is a world-renowned property brand and has the highest transactions in the area.

  • World-Famous Iconic Projects

Emaar is made up of Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world and The Dubai Mall, the world’s largest mall.

  • Best Communities & Catering

Emaar is famous for building excellent communities for residents, including major Dubai masterpieces such as downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina.

  • Property expatriates

All Emaar properties can be held by expats in Dubai, so that they are the appropriate choice to invest and own in Dubai.

  • Highest Handovers Number

Emaar is noted for the prompt and maximum deliveries in the region

  • Emaar – Off-Plan Leading Developers

With more than 5 major master projects, Emaar presents an innovative community for all in Dubai. With more than 30 000 residential units in only one of these master projects, Emaar will provide superb homes this year.

  • 75% Dubai Real Estate Market Share

Emaar has a market share of 75 percent in Dubai’s real estate market and in the past has more than 90,000 shipments.

In conclusion, if you invest in Emaar, your investment is not just safe, but a high appreciation of capital and good tenants is also promised. A well-known real estate developer, both within the region and abroad, Emaar, provides every project with absolute luxury.

Choose Emaar because everybody wants to live in the community of Emaar.

Why Dubai Choose?

If you’re on the verge of choosing Dubai, this is the world’s most popular investment property city. Whether you desire a cosmopolitan city with a lively pulse, a modest home with an equestrian lifestyle or a few of the two, select Dubai… Here is an overview of the different reasons:

  • Security of investment
  • Market fairly priced
  • High GDP per capita
  • Top Destination Tourist
  • Currency Stable
  • Long Duration Visa
  • High rates
  • Null Tax
  • Low Immobility Bubble Index Risk
  • 100 percent ownership of business
  • Population increase
  • Market regulated

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