The sale of a property requires careful planning and experienced advice so that you may earn the maximum profit from your investment.

There is no perfect science on selling Dubai homes; however, based on our decades of Dubai real estate experience, here are the most efficient strategies of selling your property quickly in Dubai:

  • Safe documentation

The most crucial thing is that you have in your name the original title deed. If your ownership or documentation is in continuous difficulties, settle with the buyer first and be upfront.

Secure the warranty for sale in Dubai, including kitchen equipment or appliances, where certificates apply. The buyer additionally appreciates whether you can present your property with a history of repair and maintenance. Some of these may still be subject to warranty.

  • Work with immobilizers

Another task is to consult the professionals at the top of your list. Registered property brokers will offer you a cumulative real estate market analysis based mostly on your property location. The layout, view, facilities, and adjacent facilities of the unit also affect the property’s price. An expert broker will also inform you if the timing to sell your house is ideal or if you should wait a bit longer.

Once you have decided to sell your house, engage in an agreement with the broker to help you in the process of promoting your property by the Dubai Land department’s rules and regulations. In dealing and negotiating with buyers, your brokerage will also be your agent.

  • Prepare your building

Perform a complete evaluation of your property and provide it with a facelift if necessary. Improving your property’s appearance boosts its worth. Not only that, but you can sell your property more quickly. A simple painting or deep cleaning greatly improves the appearance of your property.

  • Invest in good pictures

Most homebuyers now browse the internet for properties. The first impression is always essential in the eyes of a buyer with many marketed property listings. The use of good photography becomes an integral aspect of the sales property to distinguish your property from the others. A reputable real estate company usually has a photographer in a bay to take professional pictures of your property.

  • Proper documentation and filing

Once you have accepted an offer, you will agree with the purchaser and sign a Sales & Purchase Agreement (Form F) with the conditions. If the property is subject to a mortgage, the financial institution concerned should be notified. The mortgage must first be settled so that property ownership is smoothly transferred. Your broker will help you throughout the entire process until your transfer to the office of trustees.

Taking notice of these recommendations can assist you in the process of selling a freehold home in Dubai. Contact Rocky Real Estate to help you lease or sell your home in Dubai.

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